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LOGISTICS OF TRANSPORTATION OF COLLECTIVE CARGOES ADAPTED UNDER MARKET CHANGESThe decrease in freight traffic in the Russian Federation affected the volumes of consolidated cargo. Many large companies close their terminals, not only in the capital, but also in remote regions. Some firms started selling cars.

A similar situation is caused by a number of reasons: a new tax has been introduced for the right to travel along federal routes, the ruble collapse, as well as mass actions of drivers of waggons protesting against Plato. Additional burden was the seasonal increase in tariffs for the New Year holidays - it contributed to sudden changes in the cost of freight.

Although the cost of road transport increases, they are still the most popular way of delivering products and goods. So far, the level of service provided by railway companies is not able to satisfy the needs of entrepreneurs and individuals. But if in the near future the situation changes, most likely, many customers of road transport will prefer to send freight by train.

Analysts note changes in different areas caused by the introduction of sanctions. Thus, cargo flows in the port of St. Petersburg decreased. Partly this is due to the increase in tariffs for transportation by water transport. Moscow is losing its leading position, before it was the central point of sending cargo to all other cities of the Russian Federation. So, now many transport workers prefer to carry out loading not in the central regions of Russia, but in Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk and other cities of Siberia. This entailed an increase in tariffs for the delivery of goods from the central part of Russia in the Trans-Urals.