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IN 2016, 15% EXPORTED CANNER EXPORTOnly in the first months of 2016 Russian companies exported 291.2 thousand tons of fish preservation and seafood. This is a 15.6% increase over the same period in 2015. Even better things are with the sale of products by deep processing - its exports grew by 1000% and amounted to 15.9 thousand tons.

According to preliminary estimates by Rosstat, the volume of supplies increased mainly due to an increase in exports of frozen pollock, which accounted for 42.2% of the total mass. But the volume of sending frozen herrings abroad in January and February fell by almost half (by 47.4%) compared to the first months of 2015 - exports of this category of fish products amounted to 22.9 thousand tons. Almost 10% increased shipments of processed seafood: if last year they amounted to 1.7 thousand tons in two months, then this year - 15.9 thousand tons. Information was provided by the press office of the Federal Agency for Fisheries.

Import of similar products has increased insignificantly. For January and February it became more only by 1,3% - only 79,7 thousand tons. Thus, 48.1 thousand tons of frozen fish were delivered, which is 12.7% more than in the first months of last year, and 7.5 thousand tons of seafood (shellfish, crayfish and others). The volume of fish fillet shipments fell by as much as 40.7% (equivalent to 8 thousand tons), the import of processed fish products also decreased by 3.5% and amounted to 10.9 thousand tons.

If you do not take into account the trade data between the states belonging to the EEA, the import of frozen mackerel increased by 100%, in January and February 2016 it amounted to 10.5 thousand tons, 200% more trout (1.7 thousand tons) Tons). Almost double the supply of frozen salmon (4.7 thousand tons). The volumes of capelin and herring supplied were frozen in frozen form.