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GROWTH OF CARRIAGE OF RUSSIAN AIRLINESMiroslav Zolotarev, the head of the Associated Cargo Experts, believes that the increase in the volume of cargo turnover of Russian airlines occurred due to the transfer of part of sea cargo to air transport.

In general, the decrease in the volume of cargo transportation in the domestic message is predictable. The weakening of the national currency and inflation led to a significant rise in price of imported goods, and the increase in the cost of fuel and lubricants and transport services negatively affected the representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, which became unprofitable to transport goods. However, the volume of international traffic could increase due to the activation of AirBridgeCargo. The company began to transport cargo more actively from Europe to the US, as the strike of dockers at the beginning of the year had a negative impact on sea freight.

Miroslav Zolotarev predicts that the trend of increasing the volume of air cargo delivery is temporary. As soon as the situation stabilizes, the indicators will decrease to the previous level. According to IATA forecasts, from 2015 to 2020, The increase in the volume of cargo transportation by air will be about 5% per year.