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Services in the organization of international transportation specialists QINGSU will provide comprehensive advice on the optimization of foreign trade transactions.

Services inside the logistics "from door to door" may be needed:

Participants whose transport operations and costs are constantly developing according to an unplanned scenario

Medium and small business, only planning export / import trade transactions

Existing and potential customers of QINGSU who wish to simplify their internal procedures as much as possible


Consulting from QINGSU is:

ervices of the "Technical Importer" in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan

Services of the "Technical Exporter" in Europe

Complex analysis of the foreign trade transaction for the optimization of costs when performing it

Analysis of foreign economic contracts, including taking into account the requirements of customs legislation

Practical help in drafting contracts, contract correction

Proposal for the selection of the customs procedure (temporary import, re-export, re-import, etc.) based on the terms of the transaction, the subsequent use of the goods, minimizing its cost price

Registration of new members

Consultation at each stage of preparation of documents for the transaction

Having made a choice in favor of a package of services from one logistics provider, you can be sure that any risks of your supply chains in international traffic will be minimized.

The transport component of the logistics chain directly depends on the literacy and predictability of such procedures as customs clearance and operations. The control of these links in the chain to a single operator increases the quality of the service as a whole.

QINGSU values ​​the reputation of a reliable Partner and is guided in its work by the principles of mutual respect and shared responsibility.